2018 Fall CRHCP Session

Unfortunately we are currently at capacity for this course. Please click the wait list link below to be added to the wait list for this course only. In the event that we have a cancellation, we will reach out to you. Thank You!

Event Date: 10/25/2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


Event Overview
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort
111 Country Club Dr
Incline Village, Nevada

NARHC's Certified Rural Health Clinic Professional (CRHCP) Course 


REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED!  The next course will be offered March 2019 in San Antonio, Texas.  Registration will open January 2nd, 2019.  

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 NARHC is offering Directors, Clinic Administrators & other RHC leaders a unique full-spectrum course designed to teach you how to operate a successful Rural Health Clinic. Upon course completion & attainment of an 80% or higher exam score, you will earn a CRHCP certification. 

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*Please note, at this time there are only 100 openings available. Registrations are on a first come - first paid basis; spots will not be held for payment. Registration closes once spots have filled.

  • Enrollment: There are limited spots available within this course. The next session will begin July 30th, 2018.  Coursework for the program must be completed by October 22, 2018.
  • Cost: NARHC Member $450, Non-Member $600 (the $100 Exam Fee is included). 
    Not a current member or unsure if you're a member? Call us and we'll be happy to check your status for you (866-306-1961).

  • Course Format: ON-LINE with an in person Final Exam, which must be taken on site after the conclusion of the upcoming NARHC Institute.

  • Length of Course: Approx. 30 hours. Most people require 6-8 weeks to complete.

  • Content: The CRHCP Course consists of 4 modules (Admin & Finance, Billing & Coding, Human Resources, and Regulatory Compliance & Quality) with short quizzes throughout each module.

  • Pre-requisites: None. This course is written at the basic level and should be considered the starting point or the minimum you need to know to be a Certified RHC Professional.

  • Final Exam:  The exam will be held at the upcoming NARHC Institute. Bring proof of ID & a laptop for the final test (a tablet or phone is NOT allowed). If you do not have a laptop, paper tests will be available. Those who take the test on a laptop will receive immediate test results.

  • What if I don’t Pass the Exam: 1 free re-take of the test will be allowed within the first 60 days (on-line).  If you do not pass the exam on the 2nd attempt you will have to re-take the course at full price at the next course offering.

  • Maintaining Certification: To maintain certification you will be required to take a 1-hour TA Call one year and attend a NARHC the next. The TA call is required in the year following your obtaining certification and you must attend a NARHC Conference the following year after that. Conferences are offered both in the Spring and Fall, and TA calls are offered throughout the year.

    • Submit TA call codes to NARHC Academy at academy@narhc.org once completed.
    • A recertification fee of $75.00 will apply before the new certificate is issued (invoices will be sent first part of November in your recertification year).
    • Recertification is necessary every 2 years.

If any of those requirements are missed, certification will lapse, at which time the coursework and exam will need to be repurchased at the cost of the current registration fees.
*Under special circumstances only, will we consider a grace period to recertify. Additional fees may apply*